What others are saying...

April Escamilla

April E.

Former Director of Product Management at SilkRoad technology.

Angie is an amazing designer to work with. She is practical, down-to-earth, exceptionally organized and approaches her work with a deep understanding of the software development life cycle.  What separates Angie from other designers is her ability to be practical in her problem solving approach.

Sarbjeet Johal

Sarbjeet J.

Cloud Architecture, Strategy & Thought Leadership | Global IT Transformation Consultant

Angelia is best of the breed UI professional! She knows her domain well.  It was impressive to see her leading the team to come up with UI designs for our joint products with SAP.  It was a pleasure to work with Angelia at CommerceOne!

Shannon Archer

Shannon A.

Former Product Manager at SilkRoad technology

Angie is a very talented user interface design professional. She is dedicated to her clients and takes the time to fully understand the functionality of the application she is working on. Due to her system knowledge, her designs not only look visually appealing, but also allow for the complex user interaction flows required to utilize system functionality.

Lisa Krenzelok

Lisa K.

UI Manager, Veeva

Angelia communicates timely, is considerate and has an ability to not only assist her team but lead with humility and professionalism. She is able to change direction of focus without notice and will not lose her positive attitude. Some designers prefer to focus on one design at a time but Angelia can handle multiple projects while making sure that each project and project team gets her full level of attention to detail. Her effort to accomplish a solid design without compromises is constant.